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User Group Meeting

The annual Kingston Developments User Group meeting was held…

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ISO 9001:2000 certification

Kingston Developments have just been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification for internal Quality Management system

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BSI RoHS Kitemark

After the implementation of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances…

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BASDA involvement

Kingston continue commitment to BASDA. For many years now Kingston Developments have been an active member of BASDA.

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Production Control - Manufacturing, Assembly and Kitting - Logistics and Accounting Solutions UK

Production Control (PC) offers facilities for manufacturing, kitting and parts assembly. The module is wholly integrated within KBS. For companies who provide value added services such as kitting, assembly or manufacture of finished goods, PC provides a comprehensive methodology to control all of the processes involved: from Profiling, Ordering, Assembly, Stock Control, Ancillary Cost Allocation to Accounting and Despatch.

Totally integrated, PC derives its input from stock control and purchasing. All movements within PC monitored in the accounts package. Stock shortages, for example, are reflected in the purchase order forecast analysis

Production Control allows the definition of BOM, i.e. a part that is assembled from a number of other stock items. This module also manages the assembly process after the production order has been raised for the finished part. This process includes the allocation and picking of stock through to the completion of the finished assembly. Completion is where the components used are removed from stock and the finished items are booked into stores.

The system manages the allocation of stock to Sales and Production orders. For an individual stock item you can see where it is required for sales and production through the Allocations screen. It also can record additional costs and these are posted directly into the Nominal Ledger to produce accurate Profit and Loss.

The final BOMs are booked into stores as one complete part and they appear in Sales orders as one part because the Customer will only place orders for finished items. A Production Order is not tied to the BOM profile, it can be amended. For example, if a part is in short supply an equivalent part can be used on one order without having to alter the whole profile.


  • Control of costs on every level.
  • Cost savings through higher productivity.
  • Optimised stock holdings through sophisticated allocations routines based on FIFO.
  • Effective management of WIP
  • Control of work flows off site.
  • Bar code label design - design your own labels with serial numbers.
  • Faster problem resolution through use of stock and serial number trace.
  • Improved communications between departments.
  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Potential production problems can be highlighted.
  • Effective returns control.


  • BOM
  • No software imposed limit on the size the BOM.
  • Ability to add extra costs.
  • Control of sub contracted work to third parties.
  • MRP
  • Stock batch and serial number traceability at all levels.
  • Fully integrated into the accounts modules.
  • Fully integrated into the stock control module.
  • Work in progress screen.
  • Bar code labelling.
  • Serial numbering and serial number tracking
  • Measurement of employee inputs.
  • Disassembly of kits.

Production Control is a 'value added' module It is not a standard package in KBS.

Screen Shot

Production Control module displaying the outstanding orders.

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