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User Group Meeting

The annual Kingston Developments User Group meeting was held…

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ISO 9001:2000 certification

Kingston Developments have just been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification for internal Quality Management system

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BSI RoHS Kitemark

After the implementation of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances…

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BASDA involvement

Kingston continue commitment to BASDA. For many years now Kingston Developments have been an active member of BASDA.

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Goods Outward

The Goods Out process operates fully in online mode. Software continuously monitors sales orders to check that lines, due to be shipped, have sufficient stock allocated to them. JIT shipments are catered for. Customer credit status is constantly monitored. Orders with stock allocated automatically appear in queues according to management preference. Queues may be ordered by preference. Picking lists may be printed individually or in bulk. Once picked, the operator clicks the screen and all outward documentation is produced.


  • Minimal supervisor input.
  • Control over despatch process.
  • Save time through use of barcodes.
  • Procedures allow for double checking.
  • Paper work reduced to a minimum.
  • Control over specific shipments.
  • Picking time reduced
  • Logical and controlled picking, packing and despatch.
  • Priorities can be assigned.
  • Share work between packers.
  • Needless paperwork kept to a minimum.


  • Seamlessly controlled by Sales,Goods In,Allocations etc.
  • Can use barcodes.
  • Orders to be shipped can be displayed and selected.
  • Simple invoice and shipping procedure.
  • Picking list displayed/or printed.
  • Invoice and shipping note automatically produced.
  • Ledger automatically updated.
  • Credit checking prior to despatch.
  • Staff security level checking.
  • Double checks for selected transactions.

Screen Shot

Goods Out module and picking list screen

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