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The KBS Knowledge Base is for users of the KBS Windows system. The issues reported in this section are issues that are caused by "third party" software or hardware that affect the running of KBS Windows.

Known Issues

Anti Virus Issues

Power Cuts and Windows Scheduled Tasks (End of Day)

Microsoft Exchange

Anti virus issues

An issue has been reported to us where new Anti Virus product had been installed on to a server running KBS Windows, after the installation the users have complained the system is running slow.

The Anti Virus software package with real time scanning features checks all files when they are update or changed to prevent Virus's attacking the machine. This applies for the each of the database files every time the data is updated i.e. posting a transaction. In one transaction many database files can be updated at once causing the Anti Virus software to check each updated file there fore making the system appear to be running slowly when posting transactions.


The product in question was Norton Anti Virus Corp Edition V10. There is an option within the program not to scan certain directories. The KBS Windows data and program directories were configured with in the Anti Virus package so they are not checked every time they are accessed, updated or used. This resolved the issue and users reported the system speed had returned to normal.

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End of Day and power failures

End of Day program is executed from the Windows Scheduled Task.

If a power cut has occurred and you don't have a UPS the chances are Windows would not have been running for it to enable the Scheduled Tasks list.

If you do have a UPS and a power cut has occurred, the UPS software (PowerChute is a common one) that is installed on the server where End of Day is executed from can stop and Scheduled Tasks and Services from running to save power from the UPS. If this is the case the Windows Scheduled Tasks error log will give you this information.

Before reporting any issues with the End of Day program please check the Windows Scheduled Tasks Error log.

The chances are if you have had a power cut your back ups may have failed or not completed, we recommend running a new back up a soon as possible.

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Exchange Server

1. Exchange Server and KBS Despatcher.

To enable KBS to send email conformations to customers the MS Exchange server must have an account created for the KBS Despatcher computer/server. The account allows Exchange to relay the mail on correctly, without the account the email will not be sent through Exchange.

2. Intelligent Message Filtering. KBS Despatcher Error 220

MS exchange has a feature called Intelligent Message Filtering, when this is switched on Exchange server can see emails generated by KBS Windows as Spam and then remove the email from the server. This feature is automatically installed as part of Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2.

If you have recently updated your server, you may receive an error on your Despatcher server/PC "Error 220", or you may experience problems with emails from KBS Despatcher being sent or received.

You can check emails have been sent or received in Exchange servers Message Tracking Center.

Further information on Intelligent Message Filtering can be found on Microsoft's website.

Microsoft's Website

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